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Big Massive Design Inc. is a creative studio and consulting agency for everything creative in the INNER CITY.  Our logo represents the creative spark by virtue of a striking match lighting a flame, representing our intention to spark creative projects in the inner city.


Founded by Julian Mentz (operating under the artist pseudonym 'Junior') in 2018 and later joined by Greg McQueen in 2019, BIG MASSIVE is a loose collection of creative projects based in the Bloemfontein inner city. The medium of expression is optional, but we strive to do great work through lo-tech innovations in the CBD.


We're super excited about the potential for creative industries in the Bloemfontein inner city as it remains a largely abandoned and unclaimed space. We aim to grow both the creative community and industry in the city by visually transforming spaces.  These spaces can then be leased to other creatives as a platform for workshops, performances, installations or exhibitions.


Our BIG MASSIVE STUDIO is a space for students, artists, entrepreneurs and creatives to do their best work in the inner city of Bloemfontein. We see this space as becoming the corner stone of the creative experience in the inner city. We want to empower people to do great work, with great people, in the Bloem inner city.


At BIG MASSIVE, we want people to work to their full potential. To write, research, create, draw, paint, design, email, phone, explore to their heart’s content and ultimately to make astonishingly good things. That’s why we created the BIG MASSIVE STUDIO.


We know that there is hugely untapped potential in Bloemfontein and we want to see it flourish. Part of that is getting a whole bunch of that talent into one room so that we can each learn and grow from and with each other


The city belongs to all of us. Let’s celebrate being here by being creative.


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