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Big Massive



At Big Massive, our design interventions are aimed at crafting quality urban spaces, either inside or between buildings. Making art is a faculty of this function and we see it as a way to (re)activate space.


Consensus on contemporary architecture in South Africa remains a largely divisive issue because we’ve been unable to find a vernacular style. At Big Massive we aim to address this by employing ART and DESIGN as equally important constituents in the creative process. Our work is inspired by local architectural and artistic forms and expressions and is derived from critically interrogating our context.

BloemEx TITLE.png

An exhibition centre is proposed as an incremented function for a Convention Centre. The aim of this project was to establish a precinct in Bloemfontein’s CBD that might function as a space where large conventions can be held. This investigation explores how several buildings in the City’s existing cultural nucleus might be networked in order to collectively function as a space that is traditionally incorporated into a single building typology.


This holiday home was designed for a family of three, but designed to be accommodate up to ten people; the site for the house is located in Boknes Strand in the Eastern Cape. Conceptualised as a single volume with the capacity to expand or contract, depending on the type of activity or number of occupants, this home was designed from the idea of a capsized ship that had been beached. It also draws influence from Victorian and Cape Dutch architecture.

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